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Personas (Persony)

Personas Ingmar Bergman, Jan Mikulášek


Johan, LindhorstJakub Žáček
Death, Mr. von MerkensJiří Vyorálek
Block, Johann: Vojtěch Vondráček
Mr. von Merkens' motherDita Kaplanová
Eva, LivBarbora Bočková
MariannePetra Bučková
Alma, Mrs. von MerkensJana Plodková
Elisabeth Vogler, JennyMagdalena Sidonová

Creative team

Director: Jan Mikulášek Dramaturgy: Dora Viceníková Set: Marek Cpin 

The new production of Jan Mikulášek is based on the extensive work of Ingmar Bergman, the creator of ten films and more than 120 theatrical productions. In the new form Personas, Bergman's deep-minded, gloomy and fateful characters are met to create new connections and new meanings. In an indefinite flat, eight actors bring out new condensed dramas, a new story comes with every new tenant - faces, fates, stories, and moods. The north wind is cruel.


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