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THE DANISH CIVIL WAR 2018–24 (Dánská občanská válka 2018–24)

THE DANISH CIVIL WAR 2018–24 (Dánská občanská válka 2018–24) Kaspar C. Nielsen, Kristýna Kosová, Adam Svozil

15th December 2017

140 min with interval

„How weird it is, that the history repeats again and again... if man just waits long enough.“


Miloslav König
Petr Jeništa
Dita Kaplanová
Magdaléna Sidonová
Johana Matoušková
Honza Hájek
Jiří Černý


Directors and dramaturgy: Adam Svozil, Kristýna Kosová
Set: Petr Vítek
Costumes: Ján Tereba

A man thinks about the reasons of unusually bloody conflict that remorselessly divided the society and even hundreds years after that his choices come back to him in the worst nightmares. The choices he made during the war and which he maybe even regrets - for example those about the love of his life. He can't take them back, but what can man do?

Adaptation of sci-fi novel written by one of the main Danish literature figure Kaspar C. Nielsen combines reflections of social and political tendentions with fantastic tragicomic stories. It balances on the edge of absurdity, surrealism and cruel irony.



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